Simon Weckert
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Simon Weckert is an artist with his home base in Berlin. He likes to share knowledge on a wide range of fields from generative design to physical computing. His focus is the digital world – including everything related to code and electronics under the reflection on current social aspects, ranging from technology oriented examinations to the discussion of current social issues.
In his work, he seeks to assess the value of technology, not in terms of actual utility, but from the perspective of future generations. He wants to raise awareness of the privileged state in which people live within Western civilization and remind them of the obligations attached to this privilege.
Hidden layers like producing and transporting the raw minerals required to create the core infrastructure of technologie and "human fulled automation" labor of microworkers who perform the repetitive digital tasks that underlie new technologie are just some of the topics in his projects.




born 608296271 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, Germany.
studied New Media Art at Berlin University of Art in Digital Media Class.

Exhibitions / Commissions / Performances:

The map is not the territory, just another version of reality - Data Cities, Disruption Network Lab
Google Maps Hacks - CYBERARTS - Prix ARS Electronica, OÖ Kulturquartier Linz
Google Maps Hacks - CitizenLab, Ars Electronica, Linz
Creative Question Challenge Ecology - Technology
Award of Destinction (Interactive Art +) - Ars Electronica, Linz
Google Maps Hacks - DEFCON Conference, Rogues Village
Google Maps Hacks - Knowledge Fever, Beijing
German Design Award - Nominee 2021
Zapfenstreich - Kunst hält Wache, Landsberg am Lech
Google Maps Hacks - AMRO radical openness, Linz
Google Maps Hacks - screensaver watching you, London
Google Maps Hacks - Kreuzberg, Berlin
Zapfenstreich - Silent Green, Berlin

Workshop: Next Stop_New Media Art - Walter-Gropius-Schule, Erfurt
Latent Being for Refik Anadol - Kraftwerk, Berlin
Eternal Dream - Lichtkunst-Nacht, Schöppingen
Sense of Place for Refik Anadol - 601, Oakland
Dataland for Refik Anadol - The Linq, Las Vegas
Workshop: Next Stop_New Media Art - CSM, Chemnitz
Zukunft - Kompott, Chemnitz

Ira Gershwin Gallery for Refik Anadol - LA Phil, Los Angeles
Dataknitting for Refik Anadol - Beverly Center, LosAngeles
Interconnected for Refik Anadol - CLT, Charlotte
Eternal Dream - Scopes, Berlin
Eternal Dream - Lichtkunst-Nacht, Schöppingen
Hope Machine - Cairotronica, Kairo
In the shadow of darkness - Cairotronica, Kairo
In the shadow of darkness - European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück
Maps from Space - Jury Selection Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo

Maps from Space - UdK SS17, Berlin
Grand Opening - Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg
Dumbphne - Deptford X, London
Archive Dreaming for Refik Anadol - SALT Gatala, Istanbul
C- Recordings - Zukunft, Chemnitz
Hope Machine - NODE Festival, Frankfurt a. M.
Dumbphne - NODE Festival, Frankfurt a. M.
The cat was quite until morning - Rainbow Unicorn, Berlin

Rope Screen - Shining_Gap, Osnabrück
Artist Exchange - Tadaex 2016, Tehran
Kosmonaut - Kosmonaut Festival, Chemnitz
Distance Clock - Cultural Commuters, Berlin
MedienAtlas - Transmediale16, Berlin
Distance Clock - UdK WS15/16, Berlin
138 Maueropfer - Designtransfer, Berlin

Equiveillance - Tech Art Expo at Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin
138 Maueropfer - UdK SS15, Berlin
Phase Repair - Thalia Theater, Hamburg
Equiveillance - UdK WS14/15, Berlin

SeequenceSea - 48H Neukölln, Berlin
Du Musst dein Leben ändern - Schwuz, Berlin
Titanomania - Fuchs und Elster, Berlin
Mirror Move - InBewegung2, Berlin

Short Shuffle - Space Shuffle, Berlin
Nach & Nebel - Space Shuffle, Berlin
Interactive Grid - Klunkerkranisch, Berlin
Rope Screen - 48H Neukölln, Berlin

Rope Screen - InBewegung, Berlin