Simon Weckert
Work About

Eternal Dream

Installation, 2019

„Eternal Dream“ is a interactive art installation inspired by the eternal dream of flying.
The work consists of an unreachabel blue monolith canvas located in the middle of a water basin. By stepping in a predefined area right infront of the canvas, the visitors body is scanned as a real time point cloud and shown on the canvas.
By jumping up in front of the monolith a copy of the visitors body is taken as a 3D pointcloud and starts to fly up the canvas.
Immediately after the 3D point cloud leaves the canvas, the data is uploaded in the cloud on and continues the journey by an endless flight through the web.
The jump can be seen as a snapshot that catches the moment of the startingpoint for the flight, but it also symbolizes a contract the visitor is signing with the artist to take care of the personal data that was taken by the act of the jump.

Created by Phillip Weiser & Simon Weckert