Simon Weckert
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Distance Clock

Hardware, 2016


Never before have so many people engaged in long distance relationship.
These distances are continuously growing: The globalisation of markets is superseded by the globalisation of love.
Increasingly more people are willing to work abroad. This distance distorts everything. An example of this are transatlantic phone calls, in which an answer can take several seconds to reach the recipient.
,,Distance Clock“ mirrors this distance in time which is needed to reach a person physically.
The clock symbolises the observer who is removed from this, while at the same time drawing attention to the fact that the physical distance carries less weight because despite losing our sense of time, we maintain our respect for space.

The OpenStreetMap API is used to calculat the route time between the smartphone of the removed person and the clock, depending on how fast the person is traveling.

A project by Simon Weckert
UdK Berlin, © 2016